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Colour Riot

11 years ago, I stumbled across San Cristobal in the Central Highland Region of Chiapas, on my overland adventures across Mexico, and it left a lasting impression. So I decided to make a little detour on my journey between the Guatemalan highlands, and the Caribbean coast of Mexico, and stop off at San Cristobal (if nothing else to binge on the glorious hot chocolate they are famous for!) The city itself sits in a small valley surrounded by hills, at an elevation of nearly 7000 feet, and is one of Mexico's best-preserved Spanish Colonial towns, with beautiful cobbled streets, red tiled roofs, picturesque arcades and buildings painted in shades of pastel blue, orange, yellow and purple. The Santa Lucia temple (which also serves as the namesake for the surrounding part of town), pictured here, was looking particularly photogentic, bedecked in red and yellow flags.

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